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Trained in coaching and to deliver personal development material to peers and teens, I am motivated by seeing the potential in people to make great strides towards living successful, principle-centred lives, a motive I hope serves both my students and those with whom they ultimately inter-relate. I am an avid believer in using humour and illustration to wholly engage course participants in their learning, and in seeking out their contexts in an effort to make the teaching more relevant to their own situation. In the end, the success of my efforts can be shown by the way my students take their learning forward in their personal and professional lives.

I am a committed proponent and student of values-based ‘time and life management’, I encourage participants to consider leading and managing themselves from a ‘whole-life’ perspective, helping them to understand what they are about, and how they can get more of that in a balanced way that serves their needs, and the needs of those with whom they work and live.

I trained and acted as a Master Facilitator of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens and in the Navigator Personal Development Programme for Men. I have studied and continue to study the works of Stephen Covey, Hyrum Smith and Charles R Hobbs on values-based time management, in depth.

I have worked with Gwent Police, the Institute of Professional Investigators, a local comprehensive school, and Cardiff Yes Group. I provide keynote talks to local community groups upon request.

I am the author of Police Time Management and The Three Resolutions, available through “The Books” page links.

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