Self Management Books

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The Three Resolutions: How Understanding and Applying Three Simple Concepts Can Change and Recharge Your Life (2017 edit)

A personal development book in which the Three Resolutions are explored and explained in a way that is both bluntly profound and yet philosophically sound.

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David Palmer is a long-time and dedicated student self-leadership and was particularly struck by the ‘Three Resolutions’, about which Stephen Covey wrote in his book, ‘Principle-Centered Leadership’. ‘The Three Resolutions’ covers the history of a profound self-leadership concept from its religious origins as ‘The Three Temptations’ into its latter, secular form, and then expands upon and systemises them into a set of foundational principles for living.

This book includes a section on how the Three Resolutions fit together in a progressively developmental fashion, and advice on how to manage your time in an effort to execute on them. The author also describes how trying to live in accordance with them affected his own life – and how long it took.

The book includes a series of exercises to help the development of the reader’s own approach to the Three Resolutions, and a process for designing a personal mission statement that follows the 3R template.



HOW TO CREATE AND USE YOUR OWN PAPER PLANNING SYSTEM can be downloaded for FREE through this link:

Design and Use Your Own Planning System

How To Cover


Finally, for those interested, the following books are those which I use to enhance my own effectiveness.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey                       

First Things First  by Stephen Covey                             

Principal Centered Leadership by StephenCovey                                        

TimePower by Charles Hobbs                                                                        

Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott                                                                

Getting Things Done by David Allen                                                            

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins                                                



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