Personal Value Statements

My Personal Values are drafted in accordance with the Values Development Exercise page. They are:

  1. Exercise excellent self-leadership: Show commitment to these unifying principles. Utilise my Three Resolutions – MY Three Resolutions – to that end. In the final analysis, what I seek to be requires that I comply with my own statements.
  2. Have impeccable integrity: Free myself completely from hypocrisy. See that my dealings are fair, above board and impeccable. Exert influence to see justice is properly administered. Live wholly in accordance with my unifying principles.
  3. Be an outstanding husband, father and friend: Build a strong family unit. Love Delyth with care, respect and kindness. Take meaningful time with her and help her spiritually. Spend quality time with my sons, daughters and grandchildren. Develop them into adulthood. Guide them with actions and words. Talk to them, be with them, support them. Help them financially. Be loyal, helpful and supportive to those I call my friends.
  4. Live without fear: Recognise that consequences merely exist and are not personal. Without malice towards cause or consequence, then what arises cannot be feared.
  5. Love and be good to myself: Do nothing to bruise my own self-esteem. Do all that I can to develop my own self-worth as I relate to others and to God. Maintain a positive attitude towards myself and all that is about me. Recognise my own inherent worth. Accept criticism gracefully.
  6. Grow intellectually: Expand the mind with a depth and breadth of reading, research and thought. Weigh all knowledge within the framework of truth. Never allow a day to pass without at least one hour of reading in my field, or related fields.
  7. Optimise time management procedures and be an effective individual: Do the thing that needs to be done, when it needs to be done, in the way it needs to be done whether I like it or not. Be a master of detail, planning and follow through.
  8. Maintain a strong, healthy body: Nothing is achieved for long in an unhealthy body. Eat, sleep and exercise wisely. Avoid habit-forming food and drugs. Drink sugar-laden foods sparingly. Retire and rise early. Maintain proper weight.
  9. Have an orderly life. Ensure my working and personal environments are well-organised, maintained and structured in a way that serves me. Arrange and maintain a clean, tidy and nurturing home. Possess impeccable personal habits.
  10. Have financial security: Ensure the financial well-being of my family in order to ensure a secure future for all. Invest and spend wisely, on needs and absolute wants.
  11. Commit to worthy goals: Base goals on my unifying principles. Put my whole mind into what I must do and hold it there until it is done. Be self-disciplined. Follow my vision single-mindedly. Never, never, ever give up.
  12. Use refined speech: Avoid all forms of profanity and vulgar language. Speak directly to the point with simple, concise vocabulary and with an excellent selection of descriptive, persuasive words.
  13. Develop professional satisfaction: Make my profession one of my central concerns. Seek to advance my skills in it. Stay abreast of developments. Study articles in my field. Attend seminars and conferences that advance my education.
  14. Have good judgement: Base a decision on facts, objective reasoning, my unifying principles, and inspiration. Before making a decision, have all the facts. Make the right choices and have the right priorities.

(Remember – they are intended to be aspirational and effort is still required!)

To learn how to draft your own Values Statements, go to this page.





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