“The Three Resolutions”

The Three Resolutions are commitments that an individual can make with a view to delivering the personal and professional improvements, successes and contributions that he or she feels conscience-bound to create.

The objective of the Three Resolutions is to learn to identify, define and then comply with your own personal values so that your conscience becomes so powerful you don’t need to think about compliance as much as you did – or even at all.

The Three Resolutions relate to three core areas of living – Self-Discipline, Trustworthiness and Purpose – and designing and living a life that addresses those key commitments is the difference between a life of mediocrity and one that is directed, organised, productive and ethically congruent.

The 3Rs are founded in quotes from Stephen Covey’s chapter ‘The Three Resolutions’ (from the book Principle-Centred Leadership). They read as follows:


First Resolution – “To overcome the restraining forces of appetites and passions, I resolve to exercise self-discipline and self-denial.”

Second Resolution – “To overcome the restraining forces of pride and pretension, I resolve to work on character and competence.”

 Third Resolution -“To overcome the restraining forces of unbridled aspiration and ambition, I resolve to dedicate my talents and resources to noble purposes and to provide service to others.”

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