Your Best Year Ever – Programmes

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Would you like to have your best year ever?

David Palmer is a YB 12 Corporate Coach, part of a global personal development business whose objective is to passionately help clients to have their best year ever in life and in business.

Free seminars

FREE seminars run regularly to reveal these secrets and more that you can apply in your life or business – RIGHT NOW.

If you or your business are in the South Wales , UK area, please contact me on 07531 177201 or for details of a FREE presentation. (Sorry, no e-mail address. It’s been abused by spammers too much.)

  • Learn how to escape the failure cycle and the crippling habit of procrastination it creates.
  • Learn how to take control of your mind and thoughts and finally design and create the life you truly desire and deserve.

Click here  or on the logo at the top of the page to see details of the ways in which I can deliver the YB12 programme to you and your business.*

YB12 Programme Details

To discover more about the wider range of services, please click on the image below for an overview of the YB12 programme, and to read about how YB12 has produced success for others.

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*I am unable to provide the Corporate Plus Programme mentioned in the brochure but will happily assist in finding a colleague to assist you in that objective.

About the FREE Keynote

“An eye-opener into how I can improve my personal goals and achievements.” A.D.

Interesting topic, good delivery, with relevant anecdotal stories.” NP

About David Palmer

“I worked with David whilst at Gwent Police. David was the instructor on the Navigator programme, which provides guidance on personal development. David certainly knows his subject matter and speaks with a great level of enthusiasm and passion for his work. The content of David’s training provided me with some invaluable knowledge and thought provoking subject matter to apply in the workplace. David also provided me with additional support on time management and personal development planning when completing my Masters degree – I would certainly recommend him.”


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