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Okay. Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way.

Not that long ago, I published a blog on The Circle of Influence. The message was that effective people spend their time focused on doing the things that they can do something about.

Yesterday, there was a General Election. This morning my brothers (love ‘em to bits), all being left like m’Dad (who wasn’t all that left but read the Daily Mirror) have started discussing their disappointment that they didn’t win.

Well, technically. I say technically because one of them did. He lives in a ‘safe’ Labour seat, presumably voted Labour and Labour stayed in. Nevertheless, they’re all ‘scared’ (FFS) about the future.

Here’s the thing. We do not elect the Prime Minister. We only elect a local representative. Therefore we have little to no influence over who governs the country because we do NOT have a vote in the other 600+ seats, and it’s that number which decides a government. Which means that the winner of a GE lies solely in our Circle of Concern.

Get out of there!

Next, they’ve also discussed the right-wing, pro-Brexit bias of the media.

Talk about ideological myopia!

The media has been fairly consistent in its desire for Brexit to stop, and Channel 4 has admitted as much. The political interviewers have bashed everybody of all persuasions over what they said when they said it years ago. (In fact, as a criminal interviewer I would say that the manner of their interviews would be described as unprofessional at best, and illegal and oppressive at worst, in all cases.)

The media particularly lied when they showed the evidence of people doing what they denied they’d done, the bar stewards! How very dare they.

Anyway, I’ve left the brothers’ Messenger group for a week while they get it out of their system.

Doris Day said it best when she sang, “Que Sera, Sera.” Whatever will be, will be. Over time, the electorate will see what happens, and then they will either be proved right, or be proved wrong. Hyrum W. Smith expressed it in a similar fashion when he suggested that we only know whether something serves us if we measure the results over time. I’ll go with that.

But I must admit I want to say something political. I respect the general membership of the Labour Party, brothers. They mean well, even if (like all sides) they’ve adopted the aggressive rhetoric of the US.

But think about this. Jeremy Corbyn has supported the IRA, Palestinian terrorists, and Russia (in terms of the Novichok incident).

Brothers – between 1980 and even up to now, to a degree, the people he defends would happily have killed me, as a serviceman and policeman. Not in a war, mind – most likely by planting an IED that would also have indiscriminately killed anyone near me regardless of their status. Or shooting me as I, unarmed, got into my car.

He supports the people whose actions could have resulted in you quietly escorting a plastic bag in a sealed coffin to a local graveyard.

Quite how you could support a man who’d welcome my violent death disgusts me. But I still love you all.