Here I am at day 22 and a hiatus. Despite every hope that I would gently resume and commit to running daily throughout July, it is clear that my knee is not going to let me. I suspect a cruciate ligament malady similar to one I encountered before the 2015 Baker-Vegas Relay Challenge, which side-lined me for months only for my Achilles to go when the cruciate settled. Methinks I need a new strategy for the fitness side of my Challenge – probably a gym, with bikes, rowers and light weights – which I detest because – well, just because (there is no excuse, after all!). Gutted because I was seeing genuine progress in terms of speed. Face it, David – you’re not 20 anymore. Train like a 55-year old, instead.

No weight loss this week, probably because (a) I couldn’t exercise as well as I wanted and (b) because I ate all the ice cream. More commitment needed, or at least better use of the gap between stimulus (look, food!) and response (eat food).