The First Resolution is: “To overcome the restraining forces of appetites and passions, I resolve to exercise self-discipline and self-denial.”

Since I started the (latest!) 100-Day Challenge I have discovered a slightly stronger ability to apply self-discipline in terms of exercise and diet, partly because I haven’t gone b4lls-out and tried to starve myself, and I haven’t tried to run a marathon on day one – my old strategy.

Instead, I am running 2 miles a day to establish an aerobic foundation (stupidity excepting, see days 5-6), and I am just eating less – small muesli breakfast, 2 pitta breads with ham and salad for lunch while watching Daily Politics, then a decent evening meal – and this seems to be working. I am not entirely denying myself much and, let’s face it, compared to my many friends’ apparent ability to enjoy life I haven’t had much to deny myself. In fact, I think I shall have to take up some kind of vice in order to then start ‘denying’ it. I barely quaff, I use no drugs, and I have never had enough money to spend on gambling, expensive toys, frequent pop concerts or such like.

Ideas, anyone?

Diet and exercise aside, one discipline that needs more conscious application is ‘studying’. I am preparing for another driving-related challenge, part skill and part theory, and I am finding it hard to concentrate. I suspect that the main challenge with the theoretical part is that I am reading and re-reading material that is sooooo familiar that it’s like treading grapes. Lots of ‘effort’ but minimal immediately-apparent benefit. I guess most study is like that – you go over and over the stuff, but until the exam/test/challenge the benefit is hard to see. And then, occasionally, how the question is asked has a big impact on providing the right answer.

But all of this is working so far, and for that I am grateful. Now some din-dins.

   Okay, if I DID have a vice – and some money…….