The challenge with blogs like this is making each potentially routine day into something a bit more interesting – otherwise it’s ‘I didn’t eat much and I exercised’. Meh.

In this blog, I can add that I am suddenly having some concerns about my health, and I am determined not to look them up on the internet (doctors HATE that!). Nothing nasty – just numb feet (weird) and a pain in the neck, which is probably just a strained jaw. 😊 But it is surprising how a bit of discomfort and inconvenience can set you off track if you aren’t careful.

But I read my PMS every day, and so I continue ticking off all those tasks and maintain my standards while looking for opportunities to make them higher. Unfortunately, one value-related intent, which is to have a complete new set of good quality, professional-looking clothes and leisure wear, have to wait a couple of stone, but DANG I will look good when I get there.

In the meantime, joke of the day. What has four legs and can see just as well out of both ends?

A dog with its eyes shut.