Diet intact. Exercise, not so much. I am still suffering from the over-ambition of Tuesday’s AFL experiment, and while I have walked the umpteen steps that my Samsung insists on counting even though I never asked, I never got to do the run I’d planned. Shame on me. Everything else remains on track and tomorrow I will advise whether you need to berate me for a failure to perform. All things considered, I am moderately pleased with all the ticks I have in my ‘Three Resolutions’ Planning System, and that is not because I haven’t listed the failures!

Do you have a to-do list? You probably do, and it has been scientifically concluded that people get a bit of a buzz when they tick things off their To-Do List.

How do they know this?

They know this because we all have a habit. It is a bad habit. It is this – when we do something that is not on the list – we add it so that we can tick it off.

Go on – you do, don’t you?

Think about that next time you think that psychology is bull. We’re onto you!