Yesterday was fun. Sort of. The original planned entry for Day 4 was delayed when my good lady and I went to ‘watch’ our eldest son playing Aussie Rules Football, with the intention of watching an hour’s football then coming home. instead, I played two hours football and got home waaaayyy later than planned and therefore too late for this.

No biggy, one might say, except – I started running last Saturday after 6 or so months off. And I ran yesterday after work, for 2 miles. And then I had a big dinner. And I am 55 years old.

Anyway, when I arrived at the venue and was invited to play for the undermanned opposing team, in my enthusiasm to partake and contribute I forgot how knackered, full and old I was. As a consequence, this entry contains my excuses for not running.

Put simply, I am absolutely knackered, in pain nearly everywhere, and a lack of sleep was no help at all.

In terms of my values, yesterday was great, I said ‘Yes’ to something challenging and adventurous, contributed to someone else’s need, exercised and ate wisely (ish). And today I paid the price. I forgot the lessons that maturity usually brings, the lessons that wise men learn and apply.

Which is that while not blindly accepting limitations, they are there to be managed and challenged. I am not fit, I had not digested – I should have said No. Today, I pay the price of a year or so of largesse.

On the plus side – what challenges us makes us better. Learn the lesson, exercise with wisdom. Self-leadership decreed I should exercise and act wisely, but self-management should have made me apply more self-control.

Won’t happen again.

Cardiff 2004.jpgIt’s been a while…..