First day at work on the 100 Day Challenge, and it was ‘one of those days’ when urgency was demanded but life got in the way. A job needed to be done that had to be fitted around prior appointments; then the necessary ‘things’ weren’t where they were supposed to be, nor were they where they thought they’d gone, and then miraculously they were back where they’d gone and the job got done. On the he bright side, while travelling from job 2 to job 3 my satnav decided a ‘straight line’ route would be better than a motorway route, so I explored parts of Wales I have never seen before (possibly Stella’s Pontyberry), and drove a spectacular valley route at speeds hitherto unknown for a Hyundai i20. Specifically, 60mph. And the opportunity for some spectacular overtakes.

Arriving home knackered, I still managed a 2-mile run, exercising our youngest family member, who is 5 years old at the weekend. Or 35 plus in dog years. Then it was marking IPI student’s submission, tasks arising, a household task, and then this blog. Soon be 7pm…… and I still have my Roadcraft studies still to do.

I need staff.

The main thing I achieved today was maintaining integrity with my values and mission statement – being patient and productive, particularly when challenged. And complying with my diet objectives.

‘You ate…..wisely’.

Philosophy of the Day: “I treat everyone I deal with in the same way that they treat me. Some of them get quite offended when I do that.”