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Stephen Covey, author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; Restoring the Character Ethic”* was once asked how he was getting on with his own compliance with ‘his’ philosophy. His reply probably astounded the interviewer.

“I’ve made a good start.”

The interviewer probably couldn’t immediately understand that answer – Stephen had written the book, after all. Why wasn’t he compliant?

I don’t know what his answer to such a question would be, but the last couple of weeks have identified my own. Since I came back from the USA I have gained a bit more weight than I find acceptable because I am eating too much, or the wrong things. A couple of family celebrations impacted that but there’s no excuse – I’ve reverted to the old me and I have not been observant of that part of my PMS that deals with self-discipline (and self-denial).

Occasionally this is because life gets in the way, for example when there are a multitude of social events piled up together, which makes it easier to justify (rational-lies) the inability to remain disciplined. But that’s no excuse – it’s time to lose that weight and keep it off properly.

I have discovered that my ability to focus has warped over the last few years, the unfortunate influence of time off times accessibility of social media – the paradox being that social media is now a business essential!

I have just become involved in a new business venture, early days, and I do find that my ability to study has been influenced by that loss of focus – instead of dedicating hours to study I’m only managing an hour at a time. No problem, I’m getting there but I need to reprioritise and do other things at better times. (I discovered that the ability to do stuff in gaps ‘at work’ is less attractive when you are the one paying yourself. Instead of shopping when the mood takes me, I need to shop AFTER the priority stuff has been completed!)

Do you experience these things? Scattered focus instead of meaningful concentration? The influence of ‘life’ over the ‘life plan’? If so – welcome to LIFE!

That is possibly what Dr Covey experienced when he said he’d made a good start. Life got in the way, and occasionally it was right to let it do so.

But not all the time.

Anyway, as a permanent reminder I now have the Three Resolutions as my mobile telephone cover:

Phone Blog

Every time I pick it up I get the Resolutions, then the “First Resolution” part of my PMS on the screen. I have no excuse. Even when life calls me on the phone my PMS will be in my face.


If you have a reasonable sized PMS you can get a mobile telephone cover and have the PMS added. It’s a conversation point!

*The Character Ethic is the reason I detest ‘celeb’ TV. If only more of them had Character as well as personalities……