“Practice without improvement in meaningless.” Chuck Knox

Doing the same thing day in and day out and expecting things to improve is a sign of lunacy. So here’s one for the politicians.

You have an opinion. Express it. Forget the PR consultants, spin-doctors, press attaché input. Forget the psychologists. Do that just for one day.

Tell it like you see it. Then, the ‘other side’, the people with whom you negotiate, debate, contract and so on won’t have to double take, second-guess, re-interpret and micro-analyse what they think they heard about what you might have said.

Bluntness, frankness, honesty – however you describe it, there is one great benefit – no misunderstandings.

I’m not proposing rudeness, insults or anything of that kind. You can carefully use terms that say what you think. And respond to what is said by others by making sure you understand what they mean instead of what meaning suits you.

Good grief, imagine the response from the voting public if they could actually believe what you said instead of listening to you deflect!