It’s Saturday evening. I’ve just finished watching some live sport and recorded, high quality comedy and I’m looking through the schedules to plan future viewing on the box, where I ‘restrict’ myself (LOL) to live sport and quality drama/comedy.

On BBC2, early Saturday evening, they have “The Great British Sewing Bee.” Yes, an hour long programme watching amateur needlesmiths – sewing.

Next, film of me sitting in the garden doing an ever-so-challenging crossword, in the presence of the exciting ‘my wife hanging out washing’ sub-plot. Later, speed reading without moving my lips will be followed, after some celebrity news flashes, by an in-depth fly-on-the-wall recording of my dog having a nap.

For goodness’ sake. We pay for this rubbish. Can’t the people who plan programming schedules tell ‘producers’ that just because James Cameron produced adverts before getting success with ‘Alien’ doesn’t mean you can make any c&%p and justify its transmission on television?

Television is a great medium of entertainment, information and education. Why spoil it with this drivel?