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“In the gap between stimulus and response, there is a gap. In that gap lies our freedom to choose our response. In that choice lies our happiness and out freedom.” Stephen R Covey.

This is his most often quoted saying, which he stated he read in a Hawaiian library, in a book he could never find again. Intriguingly, the failure of anyone to later identify the book suggests to me – he thunk it up himself. Like ‘Ben’, a proactive colleague where he worked – can’t help wondering if ‘Ben’ was ‘Steve’.

Anyway, back to the quote. It goes without saying that some atrocities have been perpetrated recently in the name of a peaceful religion, on the basis that this religion’s prophet has been lampooned by the free press – the people who answer to no one but their customers. I’m not going to go into that.

But to be offended, you have to choose to be offended. You have to decide, “I’m offended.”

No problems there. I get offended, quite often. I’m paradoxically happy that way.

But. Even if you choose to be offended – and that’s natural – you can also choose what to do about it.

I’ll make my point quickly.

Ghandi had every reason to be offended by violent racism in S Africa and violent inequality and British Rule in India, but chose peaceful means and freed millions. Some people are choosing to kill – and are only creating hate, death and – well, sod all else.

Choose wisely, and act positively