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“If a goal isn’t connected to a deep ‘why’, then it may be good but it usually isn’t ‘best’.” Stephen R Covey

I admit that I struggle with goal achievement, because I am restricted by a lack of enthusiasm for a lot of the things that many other people find exciting. I have great friends who love to travel but a life of ‘lack’ has meant that I am still reluctant to invest money in travelling to places I can see on the TV.

In my head, if I don’t have a ‘thing’ or an experience (i.e. new skills or knowledge) as a result of my investment then the money is wasted. Which also means that when someone says a meal out is ‘only £15 a head’ I think ‘that’s three quality hardback books and HOURS of learning if two of us DON’T eat out’.

But this past 6 months, two goals have stuck out – losing 3 stone in weight and increasing my running capability from 12 minutes/heart attack to 55 minutes/feeling great. And in each case, the reason for my success (I feel) is because there was a deeper meaning behind my striving for them. In fact there was a double meaning – writing a book and proving that the contents worked; and serving friends by training to run in Death Valley next March as part of a team. (It is also a holiday, but one within which I will stretch myself, serve others, and maybe buy some serious memorabilia!)

Dr Covey writes of the ‘deep, burning YES!’ (DBY) when we consider two or more options: the deep YES is the one we choose because the ‘why’ behind it calls us, even pulls us forward towards their achievement. The ‘deep, burning YES’ represents the absolute best we can do with our time and our efforts because it is truly representative of our most meaningful personal values.

So if you have a personal mission statement and goals that reflect it, you have a decision model that provides you with your DBY.

And that is when things get done.