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(As inspiration and as part of my PMS to spread the word about Three Resolutions and Principle-Centred Leadership I am occasionally going to use quotes from the ‘daily insight’ books on the Seven Habits and First Things First. Just so you know.)

“Personal trustworthiness makes trust possible.” Stephen R Covey

This is one of the precepts of the Second Resolution – that one should seek the honour of being trusted, because one has strived to develop the two ingredients of trustworthiness, namely character and competence. The interdependence of the two is covered by analysing those who gave one and not the other.

Do you know someone who does a tremendous job, but who you wouldn’t trust with your significant other? Are you familiar with an unbelievably nice bloke, whose car you would avoid climbing into because he just can’t drive safely?

We should all try to be people of character – good character, not just ‘characters’ – who provide excellent results in our employed or voluntary work. That is the objective of the Second Resolution but it also a common-sense approach to life, isn’t it?

Although if I was asked to choose, I think I would rather be a person of character who is still capable of learning to be competent, than a highly competent a***hole.

How about you?