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Facebook and Twitter are amazing tools. They allow you to communicate to the world what you are thinking the moment you think it, and you can get equally immediate feedback.

That last comment was both the result of being impressed with that speed, and dismayed by it. Why? The speed is obvious, but the dismay is because that immediate feedback means that someone, somewhere is on Facebook instead of doing something useful – just like me/you. It’s a paradox.

But what really irks me, and this may go to discipline/denial or even character, is this.

Last week I received several friend posts telling me that the writer was having a meal. Once or twice they would tell me where, but more often than not it was just the menu. ‘Steak, mashed potatoes, peas and meringue for dessert! Win!” That was it.

My response, to make a point, was, “Just had dinner. I won’t bother you with details like so many people. It was something I do most days so I don’t think of it as significant.”

And the point was, not everything you do is worthy of telling the internet. Write something meaningful, write something funny, spread a valuable word or start a campaign. But I’ll assume you had dinner or (here’s another one!) went to bed. People do, you know. Like me. But for some reason I don’t feel the pressing need to tell everyone.

Perhaps applying yourself to writing something thought-provoking might serve you as much as it serves others. Imagine the personal insights you might gain by applying yourself and your mind in that way. Imagine the self-discovery and the benefit that might flow from it.

Imagine what you could write THEN.

Weekly Challenge

Think harder about your Tweets and Facebook entries, and make them Mission related at least twice this week, where you publicise your thoughts on something truly important to you or to those you serve.

Blog Part

No weight loss this week – sobering lesson about excusing ‘just another 100 calories’ because I’ve been running. Bit more self-control needed this coming week. I ran 5.72 miles without pause, which is on target and very satisfying. And I am now researching how to pay income tax and national insurance when I start earning money. Not as easy as you’d expect legalised theft to be.