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I get a lot of Facebook posts from friends with a bee in their bonnet about all sorts of causes – political (annoying) and Green issues (not interested), and I was going to write a blog about how I found this intrusive. Emphasis on WAS. Bear with.

The reason I intended to do that was partly because of my disinterest in their issues, and because my own political views are more often than not either completely opposite to, or certainly less blatantly ideological than theirs. Or at least that’s how it appears to be to me. It’s no secret! Another reason is this. Their objective must surely be to engage me/others in their cause, not necessarily as an evangelist but as a co-thinker. Otherwise there’s no point, is there?

But as I walk around watching people who throw fags from their cars (the ones with ashtrays), drop litter feet from a bin, spit on the floor, use the F-word every second word, follow celeb fashions with a religious fervour, and/or commit any other unsociable, selfish and inconsiderate act, I question whether those with a cause are wasting their time, and then conclude it’s just as well that they DO take up these causes. I told you to bear with.

Stephen Covey once said or quoted, “One man’s mission is another man’s minutiae.” That’s absolutely right. Your cause means much to you, even if it means s*d all to me.

And while I remain absolute in my opposing or less ideological opinion, or in my total disinterest in your views and/or cause, I ABSOLUTELY respect your right to hold those views, I am (sort of) glad that you hold them because it does ultimately make life better for someone, somewhere, somehow, sometimes. Occasionally that will even include me, even if I can’t see that, yet.

You see, I suddenly realised that just because I exercise my noble purpose/service (Third Resolution) because doing so serves me and those I serve, then your execution of the Third Resolution does the same for you and for those who you serve. I paraphrase Voltaire, who said, ““I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” I may not go that far, but I respect your right to say it and I applaud your willingness to execute the Third Resolution in doing so.

BTW, Oscar Wilde amended that and said “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.” Which I equally endorse.

I may not agree with or support your cause and I reserve the right to delete your posts from ‘my’ Facebook or Twitter page.

But I salute you for caring enough to say it.