I’m conscious that my recent posts have been more rants than 3R related, and that the reason for this may not be clear.

All of my rants are about the fact that we, as a population and as customers – or rather as servants to commerce – are ‘being lived’ by television, fashion, and the culture around us. Why else would we all blindly watch the adverts between sections of the X Factor, the world’s most expensive Karaoke competition where the winner disappears for 12 months, releases and album no-one buys and then routinely disappears for ever? Or watch C list celebs dancing badly? Or buy an iPhone 6 just after we bought an iPhone 5?

I hate it that ‘they’ rely on ‘us’ to be sheep. I am no sheep and I insist on being allowed to say so

So to those Valley welsh-boys with the Jamaican accents – stop it. To those who wear their shirts untucked – you’re scruffy, not fashionable. To those who use ‘obviously’ every second word – if it is, you don’t need to say it.

Take command of your own lives and stop ‘being lived’.

 Tomorrow, back to the original aim of this blog. Getting and staying better.