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People who can’t lead themselves will never be true leaders because those whom they are supposed to lead will see that incongruence.

I recall one colleague who, when in the CID, draped his clean shirts on hangers off the (open) office noticeboard and kept his collection of breakfast cereals in the top of his in-trays. Not pretty, not professional. (He was a worker, I’ll give him that.)

When he was promoted, the first tangible thing he did was put a notice on the door of the men’s  locker room door (i.e. private and out of the view of everyone else) stating that items hanging off locker doors MUST be stored away tidily or they would be removed. Now tell me what I thought of him as a leader.

Are you consistent with your behaviour? Do your actions reflect your word? If not, in the words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard – “Make It So!”